Robin Woolner – A Personal Statement

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June 10, 2017
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Why are we mixing food production and restoration?
June 15, 2017

Robin Woolner – A Personal Statement

Altiplano camper

Robin Woolner, one of the first campers

I am here because I believe that humanity can create on a greater capacity than it can destroy. And to this end I would identify as an ecologist from the Gregory Bateson tradition, meaning that I view the relationships of environmental ecology, technology and society as irrevocably inextricable-that balance comes from the harmonious interrelations of the three. Ecosystem Restoration Camps excite me because I sense they maturely address these relationships. What I imagine coming from these camps is a more biodiversity and resilience in the land, appropriate use and innovation of technology that supports the abundance of life in natural systems and meaningful work for people. Furthermore, I believe these camps possess the capacity to enliven and wisen those who participate there within; to exalt the Mind in the greater sense of the word.

I am a sustainable horticulturalist, a naturalist and builder of culture. Thus far my work here has focused on the latter, meaning setting up systems for authentic communication, education and smooth workflow. I come from a background of living in community, have studies conflict resolution methods such as Non-Violent Communication and Process Work and have been involved in a number of experimental art projects and activist campaigns which address culture, nature and being.

I come from the Alan Chadwick lineage of horticulture, have worked on a number of small scale Biodynamic and Organic agro-systems and co-founded an urban garden which worked with people of mental diversity. I had the honor of studying with the naturalist Kent Bonar and the ethnobotanist Elle D´Coda in the Ozarks of the United States. I studied Environmental Studies at UC Santa Cruz which provided a valuable understanding of the relationships between ecology, economics, and policy and food systems. My thesis explored education based on a humanistic epistemology aimed at complex problem solving skills.

This fall I will continue my studies at Bleckinge Institute of Technology in Sweden in the Masters of Strategic Leadership program. My wish is to remain in collaboration with ERC during that time and that my studies may provide me with something valuable to offer the ERC in the future.

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  • Jan Hein van der Hoeven says:

    Great story, thank you very much for sharing. I wish you all the best on your studies and please do keep in contact!

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