Proud to be part of the Next Way of Living

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August 12, 2017
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August 24, 2017

Proud to be part of the Next Way of Living

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A liveable future on this planet is hugely important, especially for young people. Sustainability should be a major issue with the millennial generation, but unfortunately it is not their top priority. Sustainable brands like WakaWaka, Kuyichi, Mud Jeans, Miss Green, Boho and many others have serious difficulties reaching the younger generation. One of the big reasons for this is that as a group, ‘the young’ no longer exist. Instead of coherent groups watching MTV, and wearing the same Levis Jeans, we now have a complex landscape of intricately connected and separated subcultures – bubbles full of vloggers.  Except… when suddenly, in August, they all turn up in big masses at Lowlands Music and Theatre festival in Biddinghuizen, Flevopolder The Netherlands! This year around 55 000 people are to be expected.

Pieter van Der Gaag, who is an experienced marketeer and campaigner came up with the idea to bring the sustainable brands to the young and therefore to the Lowlands Festival. After connecting with some equally experienced and motivated partners, they started a new company.  Together, they have rented a huge dome and created an ultra cool sustainable lifestyle experience inside it. This experience communicates simply how cool it is to live sustainably. Everyone can dress in fashionable shirts, pants and shoes, carry great bags, and use wonderful make up.  And they can, of course, also use the coolest gadgets,which are produced and can be recycled in such a way that they do not harm or –even better- improve life on this planet.

We are particularly excited to share with you one awesome product available inside the dome: a membership to Ecosystem Restoration Camps.  By becoming a member of Ecosystem Restoration Camps, you will join an international community of likeminded people who are directly supporting the establishment of restoration camps worldwide – all for only €10/month!  We also launched our  new promotional video for the camps, just in time to be displayed in the Next Way of Living Dome.  The video presents the idea that it is not only necessary to take action to save this planet, but that it can also be part of a cool, modern lifestyle experience for young people.

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  • Justin says:

    Thank you for this blog post Marieke.
    Sustainability is a key issue facing not only our generation, but our future generations as well. It is also a topic that I would like to see expanded as it relates to ecological restoration and interactions (co-evolution) between nature (i.e. thermodynamics, ecosystems) and man (i.e. society as political, as community and as culture).

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