Patagonia Collaboration with Camp Altiplano and AlVelAl Farms

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January 31, 2019
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March 4, 2019

Patagonia Collaboration with Camp Altiplano and AlVelAl Farms

Our ambitions extend well beyond the restoration of our five hectares to support the regional restoration efforts taking place in Murcia and Andalusia. Part of Ecosystem Restoration Camps’ mission is to connect degraded land with people motivated to learn and practise ecosystem restoration. We know there are plenty of you out there as we receive many more applications for campers than we can currently accomodate! Partnering with AlVelAl means we can restore more land and create more opportunities for you to join in.

This winter, with funding from sustainable clothing company, Patagonia, we’ve organised restoration project weeks at four different AlVelAl farms. In early December a team of eight Earth Restorers from all over Europe spent two weeks working at farms near Chirivel, supporting the farmers to plant swales and build dams to prevent erosion of the soil by heavy rains. And at the end of January another team will work with two different farms planting natural corridors and helping the farmers to implement their restoration plans.

Expect more news on how this goes in our next newsletter…

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