ERC Publishes 2017 Annual Report
March 27, 2018
Composting at Camp Altiplano
June 10, 2018

#LetsRestore: Funding Report

Ecosystem Restoration Camp’s first ever crowdfunding campaign, #LetsRestore, galvanised momentum across the world to crowdsource funding for ecosystem restoration. Our aim was to raise 55,000 euros to undertake the initial processes needed to restore the land and continue to build the camp in our first location, the Murcia region of Spain.

We successfully raised over €35,000 thanks to your generous support.  With these funds we were able to achieve amazing results:

● 23 volunteers supported
● 5 structures built
● 2000 hectares of land supported (approximately)
● 3 landowners supported
● 1 camp business started
● 12 vegetable beds created
● 15 tools purchased
● 3 community events initiated

To read the full report open the file-viewer below or click here: #LetsRestore Funding Report

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