Join the Re-Generation Festival! 28 , 29 and 30 September 2018 in La Junquera, Spain

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August 20, 2018
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September 6, 2018

Join the Re-Generation Festival! 28 , 29 and 30 September 2018 in La Junquera, Spain

Re-Generation Festival: plant, dance, regenerate, restore!

From 28 – 30 September Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano and La Junquera village will set the scene for the sparkling new Re-Generation festival. This ‘party with a purpose’ will leave the land and people healthier and more abundant than before. The way we do this is simple: plant, dance, regenerate, restore. Prepare for a wonderful time and come to Spain!

At the Re-Generation Festival the mornings will have you Planting to the Beat, restoring designated parts of the land whilst moving your body and soul to the music. The afternoons and evenings will then be host to a series of workshops that span celebrate life with music, dance and arts in the evenings. Find all the information about program, tickets, accommodation and transport at

Plant to the beat

Connect with nature while ‘planting to the beat’, restoring the earth whilst on the dance floor.  Help restore a mountain on Friday, join in restoration work with the team from Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano on Saturday and go out for planting a wetland-forest on Sunday.  By doing so you will learn techniques relating to erosion control, water harvesting and biodiversity restoration.

In the afternoons you can join in workshops on land-art, restoration, food fermentation, artisanal crafts and many more subjects. John D. Liu will talk about the Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement and volunteers from Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano will serve food and give workshops on composting and natural cosmetics.

Relax under starry skies

In the evenings the main stage will share the rhythms and rhymes of bands and djs from all over the world. Under the starry sky you can relax and enjoy music, while dancing and celebrating life with new-found friends. You can watch films and documentaries on regeneration and there is also a special space for Co-Creation where you can share your own ideas, songs, dances, poems, cakes, games or whatever. If you have an idea that you would like to see happen at the festival, you can get in touch with the organizers at

Celebrate the power of regeneration

The Re-Generation Festival is organised by a coalition of various organisation, including  Ecosystem Restoration Camps, AlVelAl Association, Commonland, Foodtopia and many more. It takes place on the farm of Alfonso de Guzman and Yanniek Schoonhoven, where Camp Altiplano and La Junquera village are situated. Its purpose is to bring people together to celebrate the power of regeneration, and to contribute to the positive transformation of landscapes in the Altiplano region, while having the time of your life. Learn more at Tickets are based on a pay what you feel contribution, and are available here.

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