Rachel Robson

Communications Coordinator
Rachel is an environmental project manager from the UK with experience working with NGOs, local government and community projects. She spent a year working as the Project and Communications Coordinator at Camp Altiplano in Spain before returning home to London and taking on the role of Communications Coordinator for Ecosystem Restoration Camps.
Her experience at Camp Altiplano taught her that we can aim for far more than just being ‘sustainable’, that in fact we can create regenerative cultures and food systems which leave a positive footprint on the Earth. She saw first hand what that might look like and how agriculture could help to build soil health rather than destroy it. She learned how much can be achieved when even just a few people organise themselves around a shared vision and collaborate to achieve it. It is possible not only to restore the land we depend on but also to restore ourselves and our connection to nature in the process. This remains a source of inspiration and motivation to continue supporting the vital work of Ecosystem Restoration Camps.