Marieke Karssen

Board Director and Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Marieke started working with computers and the Internet during the late eigthies, early nineties. She has been an entrepeneur for almost all of her working life. She owned an internet startup around complex content management solutions which grew into a software development bureau of around 20 people during the nineties and noughties, and had a serious toomuchcomputing burnout way in 2001. Then she started gardening and growing her own food and that became a necessity for health ever since. And, while gardening she also started to understand that taking care of the soil and the earth will create an environment that takes care of us. With abundance. And that understanding made her move more and more of her work-energy towards greening this planet. She brings online knowledge and experience to the world of permaculturists, farmers and agro forestry people and develops communities, events, campaigns, websites, crowdfunding and even online tooling. All with one question in mind: how to bring the pioneering ideas about restoring paradise from the early adopters to an early majority. Working for the Ecosystem Restoration Camps fits perfectly in this movement. See (dutch only)