Ashleigh Brown

Business Development Manager

Ashleigh Brown is a lover of nature, togetherness and understanding of different cultures and perspectives. Originally from the home counties of England, she began her career as a teacher, travelling around Europe and Asia teaching in various schools and education centres. These experiences inspired her to want to help the world’s poor, through improving their quality of education provision. However, after working in the development sector for three years, and visiting many countries across sub-saharan Africa, she realised that traditional economic development towards a highly westernised consumerist society is at the root of our ecologically destructive trajectory. Whilst working in development and witnessing people unintentionally polluting and destroying their ecosystems in order to grow their economies, she knew that she needed to work in ecosystem restoration. Ashleigh has experience in project scoping, design, management, and evaluation, as well as fundraising, communications and research. She has been involved with the ERC since its inception, helping to grow the organisation from its infancy, and manages project development and fundraising, as well as helping to communicating its message.