Expanding the communications team: join us!

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September 7, 2018
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September 13, 2018

Expanding the communications team: join us!

Ecosystem Restoration Camps is growing. New camps are getting started and our membership steadily grows. That means we also want to expand our Ecosystem Restoration Camps team, especially on communication.

A strong, global restoration movement starts with a strong membership base. We plan to strengthen our membership this year by starting a campaign and by building stronger relations with our members. We are looking for people who want to contribute to this.


Volunteer job vacancies

Do you want to support our growth and contribute with your skills and/or brilliant ideas to ERC communications? We have three volunteer job vacancies now.

These are all voluntary, coordinating roles and part of the communication staff team, which is taking care of the daily communication of Ecosystem Restoration Camps. As a staff member you have a guiding role in executing daily communications and in directing ERC communication in its desired direction. There is much space for your own ideas and creativity.  Are you interested in one of these jobs? Read the job descriptions and respond to ashleigh@ecosystemrestorationcamps.org.


Other ways to get involved  

Besides these coordinating jobs, there are also other ways you can get involved. We always have a lot of communications and fundraising tasks to be done. These are more confined jobs like writing a blog or newsletter article, publishing content online, editing videos, researching funding opportunities etcetera. We made a list of these tasks and put them in our Member-section on our website 

If you are interested to help out on any of these jobs, we are so glad to hear from you! Do not hesitate to contact the person mentioned at the specific job in the list.

If you have any questions about ERC communications, get in touch with Gytha van der Veer, communication coordinator volunteer, gythav@hotmail.com


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