Enjoy an afternoon at Roggebotstaete estate with friends and family!

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June 30, 2017
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July 3, 2017

Enjoy an afternoon at Roggebotstaete estate with friends and family!

family in roggebotstaete

Family in roggebotstaete

This meeting already took place on Tuesday July 18, 2017. The blog is still here to inspire people to organise such events themselves. We also made a small movie about it.

Ecosystem Restoration Camps and Roggebotstaete – an edible landscape estate in Flevopolder, Netherlands – invite you to event to remember on Tuesday July 18, 2017. Family, friends, and children of all ages are welcome! Together, we will learn about ecosystem restoration while having fun outside.

At the Roggebotstaete estate, we will explore how this real life example of edible landscaping can play a role in ecosystem restoration. During the event, we will look at certain areas of the estate, which have poor soil and we will learn about the vulnerable nature of topsoil (an issue even in The Netherlands). We will also have a chance to tour the estate’s property including the food forest, the beautiful kitchen garden, and pigs and sheep in the woods. There will also be a demonstration where we will also show you how to do bee-keeping naturally.

The event starts at 14:00 CET (12:00 GMT) in the Forest Room of Roggebotstaete. There, renowned director, climate change activist, and soil scientist John D. Liu, well known from his Tegenlicht documentary Green Gold, will give a short keynote about ecosystems. He will explore the questions: what are healthy ecosystems and how can we help to restore degraded areas of this planet? We will hold a separate presentation for young or non-English speaking children.

After the introduction, we will follow a newly organised trail through the estate. Drinks will be served and there will be an opportunity to volunteer in the food forest.

At the end of our trail (17.00 CET onward), we will serve delicious pizzas baked fresh in Roggebotstaete’s stone oven. One (alcoholic) beverage is included during dinner and additional drinks can be purchased at the bar (cash only).

There is no entry fee for the event, but we do ask for a contribution to cover the cost of food and drink. We ask that you bring €10 for children under 12 and €15 for adults. Please pay in cash upon arrival.

P.S. We would love the Roggebotstaete estate to become a permanent location where young people from eco-organisations or schools could camp and learn about ecosystem restoration and edible landscaping. If you would like to help us to make it a reality, please reach out to one of the organisers below and we can organize it following summer holidays.

Event organisers:
Marije Mulder
Lennard Duijvestijn en
Marieke Karssen.

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