Crowdsourcing for Camp Altiplano – what can you contribute?

Composting at Camp Altiplano
June 10, 2018
Join the Re-Generation Festival! 28 , 29 and 30 September 2018 in La Junquera, Spain
August 20, 2018

Crowdsourcing for Camp Altiplano – what can you contribute?

Camp Altiplano is blooming into life, and in order to fully run as a camp for large groups, we are in need for following items.


Can you offer any of the following items to support the growth of the camp?  Or would you like to sponsor the purchase of something on this list?


Please contact Ashleigh for more information on how you can contribute to Camp Altiplano.

Power Tools
Small angle grinder 80 euros
SDS Drill machine180 euros
Belt sander150 euros
Combi-drill170 euros
Camp Decor Items
Rugs x 570 euros each
Solar powered fairy lights x 515 euros each
Mountain Bikes x 5 100 euros each
Camp Infrastructure
Industrial sewing machine x 2300 euro each
Wood burning stoves x 5 300 euros each
LED work lights x 2 21 euros each
Ratchet straps x 525 euros each
Safety Gear
Safety Goggles x 10 5 euros each
Ear protectors x 10  10 euros each
Safety gloves x 20 3 euros each
Safety shoes in different sizes30 euros each
Kitchen equipment (Bamboo, plastic, enamel, tin)
Cups x 203 euros each
Bowls x 20 5 euros each
Plates x 20 5 euros each
Cutlery sets x 20 5 euros each
Saucepans (large + various sizes) x 3 20 euros each
Frying pans (large) x 3 20 euros each
Electric water boiler 80 euros each
Stick Blender 30 euros
Cheese Grater 5 euros
Solar PV equipment
330W PV solar module x 20 €236 each
Solar charge controller for small system €150 each
Solar charge controller & inverter for large system€1000
Solar storage battery (250Ah, 12V) x 4 €300 each
Research equipment
Weather station (electronic logging – temperature, wind, rainfall), home user:


Weather station (electronic logging – temperature, wind, rainfall), professional: €825
Mini disk infiltrometer€500
Soil sample tube (with footstep): €100
Lab quality weighing scale (0.001g)€60
Simple Weighing scale (0.001g)€15
Unlocked smartphone 300 euros



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