Camp Altiplano Update – June
July 11, 2019
Annual Report 2018
September 19, 2019

Changes at Camp Altiplano

We would like to inform our members, supporters and friends about an important development at Camp Altiplano. After a recent stakeholder meeting at camp Altiplano with the local restoration association, campers, ERC directors, and the landowner, the decision was made to evolve the way the camp operates. The landowner will play a more direct role in the management of the camp. The current form of self-governance by a group of volunteers will end. ERC and the local Spanish ERC association will remain closely involved. 

This transition follows on the lessons learned at this campsite. The extremes in the weather (too hot and too dry summers and too cold winters) do not warrant a full time effort at the campsite. Yearlong coordination of activities will from now on be focussed on developing and organising direct interventions during the suitable seasons in the Altiplano region to restore the ecosystem. There will be regular intakes of campers at different times of the year, linked to the seasons and when helping hands in the restoration process are needed.

The handover will take place in the coming period until the end of October 2019. During this period, the camp is not accepting new volunteers or visitors, and campers currently staying at Camp Altiplano will leave the camp by the end of next month.

We strongly believe that Camp Altiplano is ready for this new chapter. Camp Altiplano is the first camp started by Ecosystem Restoration Camps and, since May 2017, over 700 people have stayed at the camp. These people have returned to their homes with new skills and we know that many have continued the work of ecosystem restoration in their own communities.

Camp Altiplano is a success story and everyone involved in the camp over the years should be proud of this shared achievement. Ecosystem Restoration Camps is now a global movement, with camps in multiple locations around the world. Our organisation was built on the hard work of the campers at Camp Altiplano and, in recognition, we would like to thank everybody who helped make our vision there a reality.

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