Camp Altiplano is the first camp started by Ecosystem Restoration Camps in the Murcia region of south Eastern of Spain.

**Please Note: The camp is currently undergoing a transition process to be managed by local farmers, and is not currently accepting new volunteers or visitors. Please keep an eye on this page for the next opportunities to visit.**


The first campers arrived at the site in May 2017, a five hectare plot of land on the farm of Alfonso Chico de Guzman, located in the Altiplano region of Murcia. This plot has been industrially farmed for cereals for many years and, at the beginning of the project, was in a highly degraded state, with very little organic matter or soil biology.

Since May 2017 a steady stream of people have been coming to build the camp, transforming a a degraded wheat field into a new kind of ecological settlement where people come and stay for varying lengths of time.


The purpose of the camp is to house people who, during their stay, learn how ecosystems function, how and why they are degraded, and how these ecosystems, both natural and agricultural, can be rehabilitated.

They can gain this knowledge through a few weeks of hands on experience, through formal courses, or through apprenticeships lasting several months.

Camper weeding at camp altiplano,an Ecosystem Restoration Camp

The campers then support farmers in the local area who have degraded land that they wish to rehabilitate. People staying for longer periods of time also have the chance to create businesses that support the camp, such as experiences, retreats, cosmetics, food and drink, seeds, soil conditioners, and many more.


Camp Altiplano seeks to have impact in 3 areas.

  1. Rehabilitate degraded natural and agricultural ecosystems in the region
  2. Improve the livelihoods of communities in the region through supporting existing businesses and the creation of new job opportunities
  3. Return hope and inspiration through the restoration of ecosystems and economies

Read about the impact of Camp Altiplano in their first annual report. (Coming soon)

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Deep Dive webinar with Rhamis Kent discussing restoration techniques used at the camp:

Restoration Report: Year One

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Camp Altiplano Restoration Plan


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