Camping for a Fertile Earth – by Maarten van der Schaaf
April 10, 2019
Changes at Camp Altiplano
September 19, 2019

Camp Altiplano Update – June

With planting season well and truly behind us, this Spring the focus at Camp Altiplano has been on getting as much of the camp build finished as possible. In April we were excited to host a crew of eight Dutch craftspeople who spent ten days building the main structure of the bunkhouse. With so many skilled hands on deck work progressed very quickly. Since then we’ve finished the straw bale walls and all the woodwork on the windows, doors and exterior. Once we’ve plastered the interior and made  the furniture we’ll have a fantastic space for hosting up to 16 additional campers at a time! This will make a big difference during the next planting season as the insulated building and the kitchen cabin will mean that campers can stay on site during the winter for the first time.

As far as possible we’ve used natural and reclaimed materials in all our construction and during this build, for the first time, we could power the tools using solar energy! This was thanks to generous donations through a Facebook fundraising campaign which enabled us to purchase “Horse Power”, a mobile solar power unit which means the camp now has clean energy for all its needs.

In May we focused on cobbing the roundhouse. Many thanks to all the campers who took part and mixed materials and plastered for days! It’s exciting to see the roundhouse nearing completion, again it will provide much needed extra accommodation for campers during the cold winter months as well as a cool, shady meeting place in the hot summers.

May also saw a lot of new coordination team members join Camp Altiplano. We’re really excited to welcome them to the project. They will be taking the camp into a new chapter, focusing on how we can improve the learning experiences for all campers, host courses and events to help spread knowledge of our work and build stronger connections with the local community, farmers and permaculture networks. Watch this space for more news as the team find their feet and plan their first few months…

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