Announcing the Opening of Camp Via Organica!
December 5, 2018
Re-Generation Festival: A Great Success
December 5, 2018

Announcing the Membership Multiplier Campaign

On Thursday 1st November, we launched our new Membership Multiplier Campaign. This is a campaign to inspire our members to reach out to at least three of their loved ones to triple our membership. Our goal is to reach 2,000 members by June 2019.

Our movement is only as strong as the strength of its members. What makes Ecosystem Restoration Camps beautiful and unique is that we are a self organising group of hundreds of people from around the world that all want the same thing: for our world to be regenerated and restored.

With 2,000 members we can support the opening of camps in the places that are requesting our help. A camp with Via Organica in Mexico, supporting the restoration of the arid land surround their regenerative agriculture training farm. A camp in Kenya, supporting the restoration of carbon rich Kenyan mangrove forests and the setting up of regenerative ocean farming to provide income opportunities for Kenyan youth. A camp in the Netherlands to act as a regenerative ecosystem hub for our movement and support local landowners to restore their peat rich wetlands. And we can continue to support people in southern Spain who are striving ahead to reverse the desertification sweeping across the region.

Together we can achieve the regeneration of our world that we so sorely need at this time in human history.

Aside from asking three loved ones to join us, you could also organise an event in your community to tell our story and inspire them to join the membership too. We’ve created a toolkit with lots of useful materials that you can use to share our story with the world.

Please get in touch with our new members liaisons, Kaytlyn and Lisa at to discuss your ideas for how we can help our membership to grow.

Let’s Restore the Earth Together, the Time is Now.


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